Law Programs and Concentrations Offered at Law Schools in Tempe, Arizona

Are you looking for specialized programs or concentrations offered at law schools in Tempe, Arizona? Look no further! Master of Legal Studies (MLS) with emphasis (online), Arizona Legal Paraprofessional, Business Law, Conflict Resolution, Construction Law, and Contract Management are some of the programs available. The business degree with a specialization in law is an innovative and transdisciplinary program aimed at preparing students for positions in a variety of professions in which business and law play an important role in ensuring success. The SJD is the most advanced degree offered in law. The University of Arizona offers the SJD in Indigenous Peoples' Law, Politics or International Business and Business Law.

Through this intellectually rewarding degree, you will obtain an original scholarship under the direction of renowned professors. Students have the option of completing a general master's degree in legal studies or choosing one or two areas of concentration. Courses include the American legal process, constitutional law, criminal law, legal ethics, mediation, strategies, and ethics in negotiations and grievances. George Washington University has an accredited online law school that offers several master's programs, including the master's degree in law firm administration and the master's degree in paralegal studies. The program includes courses such as civil rights law, constitutional law in the classroom, effective promotion skills, ethical issues in educational law, accreditation and licensing law, legal foundations, and the methods and reasoning of legal research. ASU Law programs offer students unparalleled opportunities to practice law or master legal principles in a variety of fields, and prepare them to thrive in a changing legal landscape.

The majority of civil cases brought in Arizona state courts are related to family and juvenile law, including custody, child protection, and guardianship. These concentrations include financial services regulatory compliance, health laws and policies, higher education legislation and compliance, legal project management, and a personalized option. Those wishing to enter the master of law program must have a doctorate degree in law from an accredited law school that is approved by the Legal Education Section of the United States Bar Association or its equivalent abroad. The program is designed to improve the skills of professionals in negotiations, regulations, and working with attorneys and solving legal problems. The online master's degree in legal studies is designed to provide students with advanced legal knowledge and the opportunity to hone their skills in areas of concentration.

Some of the online courses include the American legal system and writing, the foundations of law, the foundations of legal thinking and legal analysis: research and writing. Hofstra doesn't offer an online doctorate in law degree but for those interested in health law, the university has an online graduate program in health law and policy. The online master's program generally provides specialized education in a specific field such as healthcare policy administration or taxation. The school also offers an online master's degree or master's degree in legal studies which is designed for people who are not lawyers and who want to gain knowledge and establish a foundation in law. For those interested in other fields of legal study specializations in corporate and healthcare compliance labor and human resources law intellectual property law sports law and sustainability are also available.

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