The Impact of Law School Location on Job Opportunities for Graduates in Tempe, Arizona

When it comes to the impact of law school location on job prospects for graduates, there are several factors to consider. Reputation of the school, resources available to students, and the legal landscape of the area are all important elements. Arizona State University School of Law (ASU Law) in Tempe, Arizona has become one of the top 25 youngest law schools in the country and has gained a great deal of attention and interest from potential students and employers alike. Students at ASU Law specialize by taking specific courses, working in journals, doing internships and externships, working in law during the summer, and participating in volunteer work and extracurricular activities.

In 1967, ASU Law opened its doors to 117 students in its inaugural class. Arizona is the first state to allow law students to sit for the bar exam in their third year instead of after graduation. Those who fail the bar exam are not legally allowed to practice law in Arizona or any other state. The Sandra Day O'Connor Law School at ASU offers a variety of programs both on-campus at its Tempe location and at locations in the Phoenix metro area.

The Career Services stipend for legal scholarship is essential for helping shape students' career paths. After interning in New York and making contacts in the labor law industry, many graduates have found that there is a strong market for their skills. In order to practice law, a person must pass the Arizona State Bar Association exam which is a comprehensive examination of legal knowledge. The steps to becoming an attorney in Arizona are similar to those in other states. The Beus Center for Law & Society at ASU encourages collaboration between ASU, lawyers, and all sectors of the industry, making Phoenix one of the fastest growing and most innovation-friendly cities in the country. At ASU Law, students develop strong research, writing, and organizational skills through courses such as Sports and Entertainment Law Review, independent studies with professors, and legal writing courses.

These skills are essential for success when entering into practice after graduation. With its reputation as one of the top 25 youngest law schools in the country and its resources available to students, ASU Law provides graduates with excellent job opportunities.

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