ASU Law Graduates Achieve Impressive Bar Passage Rate in Tempe, Arizona

The July results of the Arizona Bar Exam have revealed an impressive 90.1% pass rate for first-time ASU Law exam takers, compared to 88% last year. This result is higher than the state's overall first-time pass rate of 86.5%, and better than Arizona's next highest score, which was 84.1%. In terms of the overall bar approval rate, ASU Law surpasses both the state average and the nearest law school average by 7.3 percent and 13.7 percent, respectively. These programs are suitable for professionals who want to gain a basic understanding of law but are not interested in pursuing a career in legal practice. Passing rates are broken down by first-time students and by students who repeat the exam, and Arizona State University of Law has surpassed all other law schools in Arizona, as well as students from all other schools in other states accredited by the United States Bar Association in both categories.

The University of Arizona School of Law is much more expensive than Arizona State University, although it is much smaller and ranks lower. ASU Law Dean Douglas Sylvester praised the tenacity and perseverance of the graduates for achieving such a high rating: this is only the second time in at least the last 20 years that they have achieved 90% or more. Choosing the right law school is the first step to building a successful career in the legal industry.

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