What is the Culture Like at Law Schools in Tempe, Arizona?

Arizona State University (ASU) is a comprehensive public research institution that has been ranked No. 1 by U. S. News & World Report for seven consecutive years.

It is based on the principle that learning is a personal and original journey for every student, and it has attracted pioneering researchers to its faculty while expanding opportunities for qualified students from all 50 states and more than 158 countries. ASU has rapidly enriched its research company, more than doubling its funding for research in just 10 years. It offers more than 350 undergraduate academic programs and specializations, as well as more than 450 graduate programs and certificates. Its interdisciplinary, solution-focused approach to research, entrepreneurship and economic development focuses on discovery that translates into impact.

The university has adhered to the philosophy of “the law in action”, meaning that its students learn how regulations work in the real world. For the fourth year in a row, it seems unlikely that Arizona lawmakers will review a law that limits how public school teachers can talk about LGBTQ relationships in health classes. With highly qualified programs in the areas of legal writing, health law, dispute resolution, environmental law, and new specialties such as the Antitrust Law program, students can adapt their legal education to their interests from day one. Pepperdine University School of Law is located in an area with what a luxury travel blog calls “the most perfect climate on the planet”. The university has attracted students who are committed to the field of law, who want to expand their legal knowledge and who have a personal interest in serving their communities. Sylvester seeks to build on that momentum at the Arizona Center for Law and Society which also has spaces for think tanks, several legal aid clinics, an upscale law firm, and a permanent office for retirees from U.

Stephen Fought of Dircks Moving & Logistics removes the retractable film from a car with legal volumes to store them on the shelves of the new Ross-Blakley Law Library. By understanding the importance of law and how it is implemented in various capacities, the university has created graduate offerings for those who want to understand legal principles but do not intend to practice law such as the recently created Master's Degree in Human Resources and Employment Law (MHREL). Kelly Muchmore, a Tempe high school Spanish teacher and a sponsor of the Gay-Straight Alliance club says: “I think this law or similar laws prohibit schools and districts from presenting information in such an unbiased way”.U. News & World Report ranks Berkeley Law's intellectual law and environmental law programs second and third in the country respectively. Located in Honolulu on Hawaii's Oahu Island surrounded by thriving urban and cultural centers is a leading environmental law institution native to Hawaii. Based on Berkeley campus of University of California Berkeley Law School offers students a first-rate legal education “at one of best universities in world in one of most vibrant places on planet”.

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